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Common questions

1) How to manage the shopping cart
You can click on the "-" "+" signs in the shopping cart to increase or decrease the number of commodities and click on the X button to remove the goods from the shopping cart. The number of products in a shopping cart is at most 9999.

2) Must the mail address be filled in the registration? How to do without mailboxes? 
Yes, filling in the correct mail address can receive our new products and discount promotions regularly and can reset the password by mail when you have forgotten the password. If you do not have an email, you can call us to order the products you need and just tell us the product number and quantity you need.

3) Can the delivery time be specified in the process of ordering? 
Yes, you can remark the delivery time you hope in notes, such as: morning delivery, afternoon delivery and remark whether to confirm in advance by phone. In addition, you can fill in the order notes more specific needs and we will consult with the express company to meet your requirements as far as possible.

4) How to do when you find problems when receiving goods?
Please sign the goods in front of the delivers from express company, when you have found received goods damaged, please reject to receive immediately and return to us. After contacting our staff, the persons will re-arrange delivery for you.

5) How long can the goods be received after the transfer?
In the case of goods in stock, the goods will be received normally in 5-10 days after ordering (the delivery time of the County may be longer)