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Order status

Order status 
Login member center and you can know your order status in real-time. The following is order status description: 
The state indicates that our staff have not received your order, it will be long when the stock is insufficient or you want to buy professional locksmith tools. Professional locksmith tools are not sold to individual, so please fax your business license to us; 
The staff have accepted this order, please refer to your e-mail to check our pricing quotation and payment methods. After receiving the quotation, please send money to the designated accounts; 
Pending payment 
You have not paid for the order or remittance has not yet arrived. If you have transferred, please tell us remittance voucher number so that the financial staff can verify; 
Your remittance has been received. Ware-house is ready to give the list of goods for delivery. 
To be printed
The ex-ware-house order has not been printed and after receiving your transfer, we will print ex-ware-house orderready to deliver for you;
Your remittance has been received and the ex-ware-house order has been printed, ware-house The staff in ware-house are checking the list of items you have purchased. Your purchased goods could soon be delivered; 
To be delivered
Waiting for your payment or the ware-house is engaging in products package waiting for courier to pick up; 
Your goods have been delivered, please pay attention to packages signs. You can browse the express company website to inquire the corresponding delivery information. If you have any questions, please call to consult;